Here’s a post from Dick Brass about his heroic nephew in New York I wanted to share. I’ve been astonished to find people who believe in a systematic overcount of deaths from COVID. In addition to the issue Dick outlines below, I can add several more states where you only go into the covid bin if you’ve been tested positive, and no state is using precious tests on corpses. I can believe that there are some deaths erroneously added to the count, but I’m confident the undercount is much larger.

From Dick:

142k dead for the first wave is also a low ball number for a reason you don’t mention. It omits the undercounted covid deaths. Anywhere from 10,000 to 20,000 covid deaths since February have been incorrectly attributed to non-covid causes. This has been documented by various studies looking at the number of “surplus” deaths. Some are victims of the disease’s ability to cause strokes and heart attacks and were mistaken as such. Many others were simply not counted because they died at home.

How do I know? My brave nephew is an NYPD detective. His pandemic duties include going to the homes of suspected but unconfirmed covid deaths and making sure there was no (other) foul play (like a knife in the back). Then the body is hauled away, and the cause of death has been assigned as (pick one): heart attack, respiratory failure, stroke, malignant obesity, diabetes, suspected influenza, etc. Anything but covid, because the policy was no test, no covid. And they are still way too short on test kits to test the dead. Late last month, New York City added 3770 more covid deaths to its count to compensate for the undercount. Fox and its brainwashed FB fans immediately and predictably screamed this was evidence of tampering and an over-count. Now, our nephew is a strong Trump supporter, as well as a hero cop recognized for breaking up a murder in progress. But even he would tell you the number of covid deaths was dramatically underreported in liberal NYC. So no doubt it’s also occurring in places where Republican governors are intentionally suppressing the count or the release of figures (I’m talking to you, Florida and Georgia). Bottom line: Add at least 15,000 to any covid death totals you care to project. Kevin visiting the covid dead in hazmat gear recently:

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