Another day, another update. Continuing yesterday’s trend, I’m updating previous days with new data from KC Health. This is a more accurate and reflects when tests actually happened, not when they came back. I’m also adding major distancing events so you can see when they happened vs. changes in our caseload and deaths.

The data shows pretty much more of the same – our rate of test increase keeps dropping as each day we see a smaller percentage added to our cumulative case load. One thing I want to call out as a possibly major milestone that’s unique to Washington and King County – very early in the pandemic, first Microsoft, then Google, Facebook, and Amazon all shut down. On March 5. This is dramatically ahead of any government in the United States, and meant 100k – 200k employees headed home and stopped mingling in conference rooms and cafeterias, stopped riding busses, and worked from home. This is probably a significant part of our success, and I suspect may owe something to a Microsoft Board member and Pandemic research philanthropist we all know. Thanks, Bill.

We added cases at just 3%. I’m pleased, however, that Jay Inslee today also announced the rest of the school year will be done from homes. I’m certain that pressure will be mounting on him to start opening up, but I think he knows that it’s FAR too soon to start that up. See you all sometime in May, and even then not for any concerts or sporting events.

Deaths remain tragic, but manageable at between 8-14 per day. this constant stream of death turns into a declining death growth rate seen in the next figure.

So there we are – all signs point int he right direction but it’s clear it will take some time for our community to be cleansed enough of the virus to get to zero new cases and even longer until we start seeing zero deaths. With days seeming like weeks, it’s going to take real patience to let it happen but it’s crucial. Maybe Tweet @Govinslee a word of support and encouragement for his steadfastness in this are.

I can think of someone else who will start tweeting to pressure him to open up soon, and it will take public support for him to resist.