Our trends are predictably, thankfully boring – at least for new infections. We’re tantilizingly close to the blessed day when the cumulative curve goes horizontal because we’ve added zero new infections.

2% growth is a blessing. When we started these updates we were doubling our cases every 4 days. At our current rate we are doubling our cases every 32 days! Our medical system can surely sustain this growth rate. You can really see this in “the curve” which needs to bend to zero. We’ve come a long way.

Deaths are a bit more stubborn. While the growth rate of our death curve continues to drop – slowly…

Our Actual Death rate keeps chugging along. This isn’t surprising given that Deaths are the most lagging indicator – it takes something like 3-4 weeks to die from this thing. Four weeks ago we still had crowds at Rattlesnake ledge, people were skinning up at the pass, and Trump was saying Coronavirus is like the flu. Four weeks is a long time in COVID years.