Quick one today. We had a small – surely nonsignificant – uptick in cases today. It’s actually been surprising how many days it’s been since things ticked up just by chance, or possibly because we reported more tests in a day.

My biggest concern at this point is the pressure that’s building on Governors to “open up”. Jay Inslee today tried to carefully walk this line; congratulating us for our good behavior but really trying to caution us that we’re not ready yet. Trump is starting to make noises about opening up on May 1, which given where the nation is at would be crazy.

Tomorrow I’ll try to bring some analysis on what’s going on around the country – in second tier cities that are just starting to take off, and rural states which have low case numbers – and little testing – but scary growth statistics and very underdeveloped hospital systems.

The less of the last 4 weeks – and of these posts – must not be that we’re done and can get back to normal. A lot of careful, disciplined, hard work remains ahead of us. If we do this right, we’ll get to go back to normal. If we screw up, we’ll impose a horrible start and stop pattern on the economy that will do even more damage.